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Ever since its establishment in 2003, Apex Power Concepts has emerged as a dynamic and confidant pace setter in the field of renewable energy systems, energy storage and power management systems. The company distributes many internationally known brands like DuSol solar panels – Dubai, UAE, SHARP solar systems, STECA GmbH solar electronics, Schneider Electric, BAE batteries GmbH, MORNINGSTAR Corp, MAXIMA solar products to name a few. 
After having formed subsidiary to tap the growing renewable energy market, parent company of Apex Power Concepts – M/s Jubilee Store - formed strategic business partnerships across the line of solar system.  The guiding stone in forming partnerships has been to partner with the best companies in their respective fields that offer excellent value for money products.  Looking at this, Apex Power Concepts. has formed partnership with the following companies.

  1. SHARP - Japan: Largest Manufacturer of SOLAR CELLS in the WORLD forming 25% of total world share.
  2. DuSol: Dubai – UAE: Dubai’s only PV solar manufacturer offering modules from 40Wp to 320Wp with highest quality standards.
  3. STECA - Germany: Most advanced solar change controllers, use PWM and fuzzy logic technologies in their patented ATONic microprocessor used in their charge controllers.
  4. MORNINGSTAR: - USA: Manufacturer of most advanced solar off grid electronics including solar charge controllers and inverters.
  5. Grundfos – Denmark: Provider of state of the art pumping equipments including DC and AC pumps with wide range of pumping electronics including pumping inverters.
  6. MAXIMA batteries - China: Specialist in deep discharge 12V batteries, they essentially help complete solar systems with highest possible standards.
  7. Schneider Electirc – France: Specialist manufacturer of converters, it has become leading brand in solar electric industries for width of options offered in Inverters, Converters, Battery chargers and Solar charge controllers.
  8. BAE – Germany: Offering widest selection of both consumer as well as industrial batteries.
  9. US Batteries – USA: Focusing on deep cycle heavy duty batteries, it offers selection of batteries from dry to maintenance free batteries.

Activities:  Apex Power Concepts specializes in following areas of solar system:

  1. Solar Home System – Stand Alone
  2. Grid Connected System
  3. Remote solar industrial application viz., catholic protection, street lighting, street flashers, VSAT systems, Vaccine refrigeration systems etc.

Besides, Apex Power Concepts maintains a ready stock of solar systems to meet demands of overseas volume customers. 

Culture and mission: The guiding philosophy of the growth and development of Apex Power Concepts lies in its quest for quality and its untiring commitment to excellence in service. Apex Power Concepts has emerged as an internationally acclaimed supplier and system integrator of Solar systems and energy storage specialist and is moving confidently to face new challenges of changing needs and technology.

Customer Profile: The Company has been successfully undertaking wide range of projects and supply contracts both within the region of GCC as well as internationally.  Access to wide range of value for money products has helped Apex Power Concepts capture a large portion of the African, Asian and CIS markets. In an effort to further increases its growing customer base, Apex Power Concepts is constantly adding new and reliable business partners in various parts of the world.  It has taken initiative to stronghold its presence in GCC to support its coveted brand products.

Key Statistical Data:
Total Retail/Wholesale Outlets: 2 + 1 head office in Dubai
Total Employees: 20+
Total brands distributed in 2013: 12


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